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How to Survive Losing Your Job

With the 2008 recession and the resultant high rate of unemployment, many have experienced (and have hopefully survived) job loss. Though unemployment has “supposedly” improved since that double-digit dip, as of …

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What the NSA knows about you…

The NSA is far more likely to intercept conversations between ordinary internet users than terror suspects, according to the report, which was based off a four-month review of more than 160,000 emails and instant-message conversations, as well as 7,900 documents lifted from 11,000 online accounts. NSA analysts tried to conceal, or “minimize,” about 65,000 references to these details to protect people’s privacy. But the Post said it had found…

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Founding Fathers Shockingly Young

This weekend inspired many in America to revisit the roots of liberty and what it means to be free. For some like myself, it is a chilling reminder of what we have lost over the last 238 years.

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Water filter

DIY Emergency Water Filter Project

These water filters are made out of ordinary materials that can be found around the house, or purchased for much less than a prefabricated filter from a manufacturing company.

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DIY Survival Candle Project

For this DIY Survival Candle Project, preppers may find it more affordable to manufacture their own survival candles, than buying prefabricated, overpriced versions off the local gift shop shelves.

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CDC Failures Exposed

The CDC is an agency tasked with handling deadly pathogens, such as anthrax, and ensuring that the actions taken prevent the rest of the population from being unnecessarily exposed to these deadly diseases.

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Chance Rescue off Coast of Florida

This is one of those survival stories that winds up having a favorable ending, although it could have just as likely ended up with a report about two people who went missing and were never found again.

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Food Label

Food Labels for Thought

Words such as “organic,” “natural,” “whole grain,” entice the potential consumer to look no further, beckoning them to believe the best product for them, is currently in their hand. You know where you will not find misleading Food labels?

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