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Mumps Makes the News

In the state of Ohio, an outbreak of mumps has led to the call for residents of the state, and especially those attending college, to run out and get vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.

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To What Percent are You Prepared

Despite the number of concerns we face as individuals, communities, and as a nation, the percent of people who could survive a disaster scenario for any length of time, is staggering in most categories.

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The Great American Bra Ban

According to a new report, several scientists are calling for Americans to boycott the ACS (American Cancer Society) and the Susan G. Komen foundation. They are also suggesting that women reduce the amount of time they wear a bra on a daily basis.

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Tamiflu and Relenza Reviewed

Tamiflu and Relenza are not just minimally effective, the Cochrane Review also found that Tamiflu increased episodes of vomiting. Vomiting is one of the human body’s natural reactions of rejection when poisons are consumed.

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Wound Treatment

New Wound Treatment Product for Preppers

Enluxtra “Any Wound” Self-Adaptive Dressing, is a new wound treatment product that may give us all reason to revisit our off grid medical kits.

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Rejecting Vaccines on the Rise

New information regarding the unhealthy side effects, and possible links between vaccines and medical conditions such as autism, has given rise to parents concerns about what is being injected into their children.

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Tornado Season Swings into Full Gear

Tornado season, especially for those living in tornado alley, is often one of the most fearful times of the year. Tornados often come with very little, if any warning whatsoever.

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Washington Mudslide Gets Muddier

As it turns out, the authorities governing this community, knew beforehand of the very real and serious threat that a mudslide could occur in that area and basically wipe out the entire community.

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