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Survivalist Magazine Issue #16 - Homesteading

Issue #16 – Homesteading

When times get tough and it’s a mathematical certainty that they will, homesteading will become the new reality for those who choose to survive. In this issue you will learn the necessary tools and skills needed to prepare for the what’s to come. Packed full of tips and techniques, this issue can enrich your life now by empowering you to be more self-reliant today!

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Issue #15 – Survive on the Water | Seasteading

Issue Features: Seaweed: The Ocean Edible, The History of Seasteading, Harvesting Food From the Ocean, Storing Supplies at Sea, Aquaponics and Seasteading, Water Stills: Obtaining Fresh Water From the Sea, Understanding International Maritime Law, Non-Traditional Navigation, Identifying Jellies and more…

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Survivalist Issue #14 – Surviving The Winter

Issue Features: Winter Survival, Treating Hypothermia, Winter Bug-Out Bags, Winter Hunting Cautions, Ice Fishing, Creating an Outdoor Meat Locker, Winter Trapping Tricks,The Wild Edibles of Winter, Rehydrating Recipes, Stockpiling Canned Goods, Navigating Bodies of Frozen Water, Storing Water in the Winter, Winter Water Conservation, Mental Disorders Associated…

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Survivalist Issue #13 – Surviving Major Disasters

Issue Features: Viral Outbreak, Barricading Against Biochemical Agents, Surviving Social Collapse, Avoiding Terrorist Attacks, Surviving a Single Nuclear Strike, Protection From EMPs, Radiation Conversion, After Nuclear Strike, Building Your Underground Bunker, Growing an Underground Garden, D.U.M.Bs AKA: “Deep Underground Military Bases”, Drought Survival, Flood Survival Strategies, Hiding From the High Winds of Hurricanes, Tackling a Tornado, Arctic and Blizzard Survival, Crustal Displacement, Escaping Earthquakes, Wildfire Survival Tips, Surviving Volcanic Eruptions, Understanding Solar Flares, Interstellar Impacts, Ozone Depletion Survival Tips and more…

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Survivalist Issue #12 – Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival (SOLD OUT!)

Issue Features: Survival Archery, Shotgun vs. Rifle Hunting, The Fine Art of Fishing, Traps & Snares, The Slingshot, Wild Edibles, The Spices of Life, Making Your Own Dehydrated Meals, Bushcraft Basics Water Purification, Bushcraft Water Filters, Finding Water in the Wild, Medicines to Find in the Wild, Calendula Salve, How to Select a Retreat/Bug-Out Location, Primitive Shelters, Climbing & Rappelling, Making Rope, Distance & Navigation, Signaling & Rescue, Trapping Techniques, Tanning Tips & Techniques, Building a Walk-Out Bag, Bushcraft Tool Repair, Making Fire and More…

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Issue #11 – Real Self Defense

This issue features: Vital Points in Self Defense, How to Build Your Own Gas Mask, A “Less Than Lethal” Defense Option, Sharpening For Safety & Survival, The Only Kick You’ll Ever Need, Knife Fighting Techniques, Negotiating Techniques, Evasion and Escape Tactics and More! Single Copy Only $7.95 plus s/h. Ships Immediately!

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Issue #10 – Pioneer Living

This issue features: Pioneer Survival, Elderberry: Foods That Heal, Buying Land, Survival Sales and Bartering, Plant Identification, Hand Digging a Well, Breaking the Amish Code, Urban Food Production Pt.2, Canning and Food Preservation, Raising Livestock, Fuel Stablization, Emergency Stoves and Heat, Off Grid Energy and More! Single Copy Only $4.95 plus s/h. Ships Immediately!

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Issue #9 – Urban Survival

This issue features: Emergency Childbirth, Flash Mob Riot Escape, Home Fortifications and Security, Urban Food Production, Bug Out Vehicles, Finding Your Rural Homestead, Becoming the Gray Man: Hiding in Plain Sight, Container Gardening: Building Quality Soil and More!

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