bushcraft survival schools

Bushcraft Survival Schools

bushcraft survival schools Learning the fine art of bushcraft is something that requires a fair amount of training. It is not something that one can discover and put to good use without attending one of many bushcraft survival schools. With the growing number of concerns facing America these days, from certain economic collapse to nuclear threats by North Korea, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a few minutes to consider registering for and attending bushcraft survival schools.

One of the bushcraft survival schools that offer classes and e-courses for both beginners and advanced students is The Pathfinder School LLC. Interested individuals can visit the website and view the list of classes being offered to determine how they would like to attend and participate. Members have the option of registering for an actual outdoor adventure or they can elect to register for the online virtual classroom and e-courses.


“The Pathfinder School, LLC is an outdoor self reliance and survival school specializing in no-nonsense training for everyone who ventures into the outdoors. Founded by Dave Canterbury, The Pathfinder School provides many opportunities for you to learn the skills needed to become self reliant.”

Outdoor self-reliance garnered through no nonsense training is something we should all look for when deciding which bushcraft survival schools to attend.


“The Pathfinder System trains the beginner to experienced outdoorsman, bush crafter, or adventurer in outdoor self reliance, primitive, and survival skills. One never knows when they may become lost or stranded and with the invaluable skills taught by the Pathfinder System, survival of an emergency situation becomes a reality.”

Natural disasters and emergency situations occur without notice. Having the right skill sets and tools at your disposal increases your chances of making it out of an unsavory situation alive. The education one receives from bushcraft survival schools can be used for non-emergency environments as well, such as camping and hiking trips, which offer an excellent opportunity to put those skills to the test.


“The Pathfinder System is taught through down to earth lessons were students learn by doing and practicing the skills taught. Most of the hands-on classes and trainings are held at our school in Jackson, Ohio; however, you won’t find a building there, the outdoors is your classroom!”

If the bushcraft survival schools you are considering do not have an outdoor classroom, then what are you really spending your money on? In addition to hands-on courses, virtual classrooms and e-courses The Pathfinder School LLC also has a YouTube channel with over 500 videos full of educational instruction. Here is one of the more recent uploads.

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